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Professional and meticulous cleaning of the teeth and their root surfaces. Regular maintenance ensures long term health and stability of teeth. Coming to see the dentist every 6 - 9 months will help make sure that any problems are caught and treated when they are small.



This is the most common service provided by dentists. Teeth are restored by the placement of filling material once all decay has been removed and the tooth has been prepared. Filling materials are generally of two types; white fillings (preferred by most people) and silver fillings. There are limits to how much filling a tooth can hold. Once a tooth becomes too heavily filled there is not enough tooth remaining to hold a durable filling in. Long term durability can be regained by placing a crown on the tooth.



This process involves shaving down the tooth in all dimensions; making an impression of the newly changed tooth and having a laboratory create a crown/cap to cover that tooth with a strong and durable material. Crowns are cemented permanently and do not come off. Teeth are treated with crowns if they have broken beyond the repair of simply restoring it (with a filling) or if teeth lack long term durability because they are so heavily filled.



The purpose of bridges is for the replacement of missing teeth with a cemented prosthetic which does not come off. Bridges rely on the strong roots of neighboring teeth (on each side of the space) to support a fake tooth covering the space. The technique is similar to preparing crowns but it requires the preparation of multiple teeth.



Cosmetic dentistry is considered an elective treatment to improve the beauty of someone's smile. Most dental treatment if done well should be esthetic (pretty). The difference between cosmetic and esthetic dentistry is that cosmetics usually involves treating teeth that are otherwise healthy. Esthetic dental work should be the status quo for dentistry as a whole.



An implant is an artificial device made of titanium which simulates the root of a tooth. It is placed surgically and given time for bone to heal and completely support it. Once this happens it can be used as a support for an individual tooth. Implants can be used as supports for bridges and tighter fitting dentures as well.


Endodontic Therapy (Root Canals)

This is the process by which all organic tissue within the nerve space of the tooth is cleaned out and disinfected. This is generally done when a tooth is dead or dying and a dental infection/abscess develops. Throbbing pain is a common symptom for an unhealthy tooth. This treatment can save a tooth (preventing extraction) by cleaning out the source of the infection and permanently sealing the nerve space within the tooth.



The removal of teeth. Techniques for extractions generally rely much more on finesse than on force. Proper freezing will ensure you have no pain in this process. You will still be aware of sensations such as pressure but you certainly should not experience pain. For more complex cases Oral Surgeons offer wonderful services and options for sedation or general anaesthetic.



Dentures are a set of removable teeth. They can be made in a variety of ways and replace any number of missing teeth. Types include complete dentures (replacing all teeth), partial dentures (replacement of some teeth) and flipper dentures (replacing one tooth). Dentures can be supported by your gums alone, remaining teeth or even implants in some cases.



MTM Orthodontic Aligners

MTM® Clear•Aligner uses clear, removable aligners to correct slight misalignments (such as crowding or gaps). Each aligner is custom fabricated, per your doctor’s treatment plan, to progressively advance your teeth into their ideal position, leaving you with a healthy and beautiful smile. All for just a fraction of the time and cost of many other aligner or bracket treatments


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In addition to the more common dental and hygiene procedures, we also specialize in a number of specific areas to help give you, the patient, the best dental care we possibly can. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and see for yourself!

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